‘The Special One’ is back!

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The world of football rarely ceases to amaze and this has certainly been another amazing week. With the oddly timed sacking of Pochettino, ‘The Special One’ has stepped into the void. It almost feels like Spurs had been in contact with Mourinho for some time before the sacking but wanted to make sure he’d take the job before getting rid of Pochettino. After all it could be deemed a step down for Mourinho, who has won more major trophies in his career than Spurs have in their history, and with no billionaire owner to throw the cash around Spurs don’t seem like a good fit.


Mourinho usually guarantees success wherever he’s been. Even during his ill-fated time at Man Utd he still won 2 trophies but are his methods still relevant and is his management style still effective? He’s lucky to have inherited a good squad, albeit one lacking in confidence. Mourinho will undoubtedly revert to type though and some of the ‘piano players’ in the squad could find their place under threat from ‘piano lifters’ as he implements his pragmatic style. Will the Spurs fans be happy with this after watching some fantastic  free-flowing football in recent years? Going from that to grinding out results playing ugly football can be quite a culture shock for some but if the results improve I’m sure most fans won’t care how they play.

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The burning question everybody will be asking is how will Mourinho fit in at Spurs? They always work within a tighter budget than the rest of the top 6, with a net spend of just £100 million in 5 years. They also prefer to buy young players with potential. Mourinho on the other hand likes to buy ready-made established players, who tend to cost a lot of money, especially in the current transfer climate. Are Spurs going to smash the piggy bank for him or will he be forced to work within the constraints of the club structure and adapt his style. All these questions remain unanswered but it is a fascinating thought. One thing we know for sure, it will be pure drama all the way.

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