The Premier League is back!

After another short but painful international break the Premier League is back.

Maybe it’s just me but I really don’t see the point in all these short international breaks at the start of the season. Even some of the players can’t be bothered to receive the honor of playing for their country due to unfitness or some mysterious sudden injury dispite playing every minute of their club matches this season. No doubt they will show up injury free and fully fit again this weekend for their club.

What I don’t understand is how any international coach can really build up any kind of momentum with his squad when they have a week and a half together on 3 separate occasions over the first 3 months of the season. Some players could be injured, unfit or lacking form and with such a limited time together seems counter productive to the development process.

I’ve always thought that a good idea was to have an international month in December or January where all leagues take a break and all international squads can meet up and play their matches during that time. That way international coaches can have their squad together a much longer time and build some kind of momentum and unity within the squad.

This could benefit club football as much as international football as non-internationals could get a mid season break from football and clubs would also be able to build up their own momentum at the start of the season instead of being constantly interrupted by short international breaks and protential fractious club/International relations due to players getting injured during that short time away with the international squad.

Quite often you’ll see a club team go on a successful run of results in the 2nd half of the season as at that point they may not be in any cup competitions and there are no international breaks to break up the momentum. This is something you very rarely see at the start of the season as clubs cannot build that momentum due to the constant breaks.

Of course these ideas would cause a massive upheaval in the fixture schedule and countries and clubs would take a long time to agree to any such changes but it’s well worth considering.

Let’s get back to the good news, the Premier League is back this weekend, the hustle and bustle of the English game, the whining and fining of the managers and the singing and swinging of the fantastic supporters, don’t you just love it?